Pain Management

How can I assist the Treating Doctor and/or the patient in taking the trauma out of acquiring the very best outcome for the patients?

My role is to advise about the suitability of workers compensation or third-party liability on a medical point of view, as well as the necessary treatment or diagnostic procedures for your patients.

I always liaise with and if necessary, advice the Treating Doctor regarding the patients readiness for work. I also provide the insight on "How the NSW Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation and 3rd-Party Accident Compensation Claim operates in NSW for the treatment of the Injured Person".

In this way, the Treating Doctor is able to leverage his valuable time by referring his patients to me (Dr Prasad), a dedicated, senior and experienced Doctor working as a Senior Injury Management Consultant. With my extensive (40 years) knowledge and experience, you are ensuring that your patients receive the correct information in order to acquire the best possible outcome. This will give the Treating Doctor and the injured patient reassurance that they are being given first class advice and personal attention.

Senior Injury Management

After graduating in 1968, followed by a Master degree in Orthopaedic Surgery in 1972 From Patna University, India, I migrated to Australia as an Orthopaedic and Casualty Registrar of Royal Hobart Hospital, Tasmania in 1974.

In 1978 I opened my own Practice in Campbelltown as a General Practitioner together with operating privileges in Campbelltown Public Hospital, Macarthur Private Hospital, Bigg Street Private Hospital, Guildford Heights Private Hospital and Green Oak Private Hospital in Bankstown. After many years, due to my increased workload within my practice, I stopped operating in all hospitals apart from Campbelltown Public and Macarthur Private Hospitals.

I was selected as an Injury Management Consultant for Workcover in the year 2000 at the time of its formation, due to my Orthopaedic Training, as well as extensive knowledge of MVA, Third Party and Workcover rules and regulations, together with my wide experience in industrial trauma and work-related accidents.

I am able to assist in the management of the patients' condition and alleviate some of the pain, stress, anxiety etc.



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The main Pain Management Clinic and Head Office are located at Campbelltown, with well trained office personnel. If there is a necessity then they are also able to liaise with the Injury Management Consultants from insurance companies, rehabilitation providers, physiotherapists, employers, solicitors, unions, etc.

For an appointment, please contact the Practice Manager at the Head Office on (02) 4626 3434 who will be delighted to set up a private consultation with me (Dr Prasad) at any one of the Clinics shown below:


Head Office
Main Pain Management Clinic

1 Cheeryble Place, Ambarvale NSW 2560
Tel: (02) 4626 3434
Fax: (02) 4628 4403


Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm

Sydney CBD
Suite 40 & 41, Level 8, 193 Macquarie Street, NSW 2000

Suite 3, Level 1, 19 Kensighton Street, NSW 2217

Shop 1 Miller Shopping Centre, Cartwright Street, NSW 2168

19 Restwell Street, NSW 2200

262 Forest Road, NSW 2220

287 The Boulevard, NSW 2196

141-143 Stephen Street, NSW 2148

100 Haldon Street, NSW 2195

Shop 9, 2 Hurricane Drive, Raby, NSW 2560

Unit 8, 11 Nelson Street, NSW 2164

Suite 2, 3-5 Norfolk Street, NSW 2170

166 Cowper Street, Warrawong, NSW 2502

Chester Hill
100 Waldron Road, NSW 2163